The Construction Fixings Association.

Everything you need to know about drilled in fixings and anchors for concrete, masonry & plasterboard.

First established in 1979 the Construction Fixings Association represents the major manufacturers of fixing systems which are set in drilled holes in all construction materials including Concrete, Brickwork, Blockwork, Stonework and Plasterboard - many with European Technical Approvals (ETAs). The CFA offers support to all stakeholders involved in the "Fixings chain" - Specifiers, Distributors, Contractors, Installers and Testers and works with UK and European bodies to satisfy our mission statement of "Ensuring best fixings practice".

The three panels below are dedicated to the three key stakeholders whose interests we serve. The menus under each heading have been specially selected to contain topics of particular interest to each. Specifiers clicking on Guidance Notes, for instance, will see a selection of those documents more likely to be of interest to them. The full list of each subject is available from the main navigation bar. 

CFA Approved Tester Scheme Courses

Course Date Title Location
21st November 2018 Advanced Tester Training DeWalt, Northampton
4th December 2018 Proof Testing of General Purpose Anchors Ejot, Leeds
16th January 2019 Proof Testing of General Purpose Anchors ITW, Crawley
27th February 2019 Proof Testing of General Purpose Anchors DeWalt, Slough
14th March 2019 Proof Testing of General Purpose Anchors Rawlplug, Glasgow
9th April 2019 Proof Testing of General Purpose Anchors Fischer, Wallingford

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