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The Construction Fixings Association

Established in 1979 the CFA is a Trade Association  comprising major manufacturers of construction fixings with a significant UK presence.  It is a Company Limited by Guarantee i.e. it is non-profit making and distributes no dividend. The Association is run by a Board of Directors nominated by the Full Members with day to day administration by a General Manager who reports to the Board. Technical and Promotions committees handle the detailed issues under these headings where representatives of Full Members are joined by two representatives elected by  Associate Members at an annual conference.

We do this by:

  • Publishing a series of free Guidance Notes
  • Being directly involved in the development of the Guidelines for European Technical Approval/Assessment of anchors for safety critical applications.
  • Being active in various BSI and European standards committees.
  • Being actively involved with other influential bodies such as BBA, CIRIA, BSRIA, CEN, ISO and government departments.
  • Supporting specific industries in the development of guidelines for their use of fixings.

The Construction Fixings Association
Our Objective

To raise industry standards to the highest level of quality and safety in the selection and installation of safety critical fixings

Our Mission

"Ensuring best fixings practice".

Our Means

We strive to achieve these objectives by working with influential bodies on a National, European and International level. We publish a wealth of best practice guidance for all stakeholders in the form of Guidance Notes, Sample Method Statements, FAQs, Articles, News Items and more. We encourage best practice among distribution and testing companies by inviting them to join as Associate Members  and offer them free training, technical support and other benefits.

We provide training courses and CPD seminars across a wide range of anchor topics to develop competence in all stakeholders to comply with BS8539:2012

Our Organisation

The Construction Fixings Association is a Company Limited by Guarantee (non-profit making) and is run by a Board of Directors nominated by each of the full members. Two committees representing the full members are responsible for Technical and Promotional activities and each includes two members elected by Associate Members. Day to day administration of the Association's activities is handled by the General Manager.

Chairman:  Chris Middleton

Deputy Chairman: Peter Reynolds

Commercial Manager: Andrew Thomas

Technical Manager: John Muir

Company Secretary: Andrew Thomas

Chair of Technical Committee: Mirka Valovicova

Our Partners

We offer Associate Membership to nominated distributors and testing companies who meet our high standards of Customer Service, Technical Support and Commercial Integrity.

To find an Approved Distributor who meets these high standards and can supply products from full members go to the Approved Distributors section where you can see a full listing, find your nearest stockist, view their own page and go direct to their website.

To find an Approved Tester capable of on-site testing of anchors, safety harness eyebolts, anchors for scaffolding and seasonal decorations and more, all to CFA procedures, go to the Approved Tester section.

We also work with organisations who assist us in achieving our objectives. Independent Fixing Consultants as our training partner for specialist training areas and Hydrajaws as suppliers of industry leading testing equipment.

Our Products

Our members specialise in all categories of drilled construction fixings and anchor bolts including:
Expansion anchors: Torque controlled - throughbolts, wedge anchors, shield and heavy duty sleeve types, Hammer set - drop-in socket anchors; Undercut anchors set in self-undercut and drilled undercut holes; Bonded anchors including spin-in resin anchor capsule and injection resin cartridge systems, fast curing chemical anchor systems; Self-tapping concrete screws; Light duty plastic and nylon fixings including wall plugs, frame fixings, hammer-in fixings, nail-in, cavity fixings, wire hangers, toggle and plasterboard fixings; self drilling fasteners for steel, aluminium and timber substrates; Special systems for suspended ceilings, rebar anchoring, ringbolts for scaffold ties, steeplejacking, remedial cavity wall-ties powder actuated and gas fired fasteners for steel and concrete and more.

Our Advice

Covers all aspects of the use of fixings including, Selection of anchors by Partial Safety Factor approach (Concrete capacity method) according to ETAG 001, or Global Safety Factor approach; Installation of anchors with Sample Method Statements; On-site testing of anchors to ultimate load or proof load, calculating allowable loads; Guidance Notes and Articles cover many topics including Corrosion - oxidation, bi-metallic (galvanic), stress corrosion; Fixings and Fire; Fixings for Masonry Facades, HAVS and much more. Sample Method Statements are provided to help installers know how the most common anchor types should be installed. Sample Specification Formats are provided to help specifiers call up fixings so that the correct fixing will be acquired and installed to the correct parameters.

Our Training Academy

Courses provided by the CFA include Basic Anchor Technology training (two places free to Approved Distributors) and Competent Tester training (two places free to Approved Testers).

Competent Tester and Installer Courses are also available to non-CFA members at a charge.

All CFA courses provide competency compliant to BS8539:2012 and lead to certification from the CFA Academy.

In addition, courses in testing of specialist fixings, such as Scaffold Ties and Remedial Wall ties, are available on demand and are chargeable.

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