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European Standards

The major European Standards concerning construction are of course the Eurocodes. The CEN TS referred to below relate to Eurocode 2.   

European Standards

CEN Technical Specifications 1992-4

CEN Technical Specifications 1992-4 'Design of fastenings for use in concrete'.

This series of Technical Specifications contain Design Methods for all types of anchors used in construction. Currently published in 5 parts:

Part 1: General

Part 2: Headed fasteners

Part 3: Anchor channels

Part 4: Post-installed fasteners  Mechanical systems

Part 5: Post-installed fasteners Chemical systems

These Technical Specifications are based on ETAG 001 Annex C but do contain some updates. They assume anchors are tested in accordance with the test and assessment regimes of ETAG 001 or, in the case of parts 2 and 3 from EOTA documents specially developed for products for which no ETAG exists, known as CUAP. Currently ETAs may be awarded to either the design method associated directly with the relevant ETAG or to the relevant CEN TS.

As part of the implementation of the Construction Products Regulation these 5 documents are being amalgamated into one document,  expected to be published as a EuroNorm (EN 1992-4 Eurocode 2: Design of concrete structures. Part 4. Designof fastenings for use in concrete.) by the end of 2015 at which time the above CE TSs will be withdrawn. ETAs currently referring to ETAG Design Methods will refer to the appropriate CEN TS part, or EN 1992-4, when they come up for renewal.