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Etag Fixings UK Ltd

Etag Fixings UK Ltd

Etag Fixings was founded by friends Paul Bonner and Damien Lynch in Ireland back in 2004; the economy was robust and opportunities were everywhere. Paul, with his background in fixings and Damien, with experience in construction supply, were well placed to take advantage of these opportunities, and went ahead with founding their new company which experienced steady growth. Then as with many companies, the dream came to an end with the recession in 2008.

Like many companies based in construction, Etag was hit hard, but instead of turning inwards and cutting costs we decided to take a risk and open a new office in the UK to use as a life-raft for the Irish business. We were advised before coming that the recession was alive and well in the UK too, but after a quick trip over to count cranes in the capital this advice was disregarded and we arrived in force to set up shop in 2011.Looking at the company now we can see that the gamble paid off. Etag is stronger than ever, with turnover increasing by 40% on last year, the staff who arrived in 2011 to set everything up have remained and joined the thriving diaspora community in London, and Etag in Ireland is now also going strong.

The UK arm was rewarded handsomely in 2017 when they were announced winners in the medium business of the year category at the Thames Gateway Awards, which showed recognition of the successful implementation of operating systems and the development and recruitment of a great team!


We offer a next day delivery service as standard and carry only the best products, helping clients deliver high quality building projects. Servicing large multi-national construction companies through to SME contractor, we offer a product solution for all construction markets including; Fixings and Fasteners, Ceilings and Partitions, Access panels, Insulation, Mechanical and Electrical, Building Supplies, Powertools, Protection Equipment and many more.

Contact Details

Etag Fixings UK Ltd
Unit 14E, Thames Gateway Park
Chequers Lane, Dagenham

Tel:+44 20 8691 5794