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ADI Supply Ltd

ADI Supply Ltd

ADI Supply Ltd believes that a comprehensive service comes from offering every aspect of support in choosing and proving fixings which includes testing anchors, when necessary to demonstrate the suitability of an anchor in a particular base material or to validate the quality of installation. We operate to CFA procedures and report formats.

Testing categories
Category Load Capacities - kN
General Purpose - Tensile 125kN
Anchors for Seasonal Decorations 20kN
Anchors for Scaffold Ties 20kN
Competent Testers
Tester Categories
Derek Abbott GP - PT & AL, AST, ASD
Jake Evans GP - PT & AL

Legend: GP = General Purpose, PT = Proof Tests, AL = Tests for Allowable Loads, ASD = Anchors for Seasonal Decorations, AST = Anchors for Scaffold Ties

Areas Covered

Throughout England

Contact Details

ADI Supply Ltd
Unit 16-17, Meeting Lane
Brierley Hill
West Midlands

Tel:01384 483657
Fax:01384 483663