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Base Geotechnical Ltd

Base Geotechnical Ltd

Base Geotechnical Ltd offers specialist ground support services throughout the UK. We have extensive experience and knowledge in anchor technology and testing in Rail, Civil, Construction and Tunnel Engineering.

Specialist services and anchor testing:

  • Rail overhead Line Electrification
  • Rail tunnel repair support anchors and fixings
  • Holding down anchors and fixings
  • All types of rock bolts and dowels for all applications

Our qualified engineers hold CSCS, Sentinal PTS and are trained to work above and below ground.

Base Geotechnical Services Ltd is proud to be a CFA Approved Tester

Testing categories
Category Load Capacities - kN
General Purpose 600kN
Post-installed Rebar 600kN
Soil Nails and Ground Anchors 600kN
Competent Testers
Tester Categories
Dave Reeves GP, PIR, SNG
Graham Reeves GP, PIR, SNG

Legend: GP = General Purpose, PIR = Post-installed Rebar, SNG = Soil Nails and Ground Anchors

Areas Covered

Base Geotechnical Services offer their specialist services throught the whole of the UK, including Northern Ireland, together with the Replulbic of Ireland.

Contact Details

Base Geotechnical Ltd
23 Westfield Road
S73 0TY