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Specialist Technical Services (U.K) Ltd

Specialist Technical Services (U.K) Ltd

Specialist Technical Services (U.K) Limited offer a comprehensive range of lift beam fixing and general pull testing services. Testing can be undertaken on site insitu or under controlled environment conditions in our extensively equipped testing facility. Internal testing can be carried out within our testing laboratory, to high accuracy. Loading technology with capability of loading equipment up to 50,000kgs whilst measuring any displacement up to an accuracy of 0.01mm. On site testing can be carried out up to a proof load of 20,000kgs with a measurement accuracy up to 0.01mm. All equipment used for this testing is within manual handling limits and can be maneuvered in and out of the smallest of spaces; which ensures any site circumstance can be overcome in order to complete the testing required. Specialist Technical Services (U.K) Limited can undertake lift beam & pull testing across a number of situation, including but not limited to:

  • Lift Shaft Lifting Beam Testing
  • Lifting Beam Testing
  • Point to Point Beam Testing
  • Overhead Runway Beam Testing
  • Lifting Loop/Eye Testing
  • Motor Room Lifting Beam Testing
  • Safety Anchor/Eye Bolt Testing
  • Eye Bolts (Used for Hanging Equipment) Testing
  • Anchor Pull Test
  • Support Steelwork Testing
  • Lifting Gantry Testing
  • Pull/Push Testing
  • Anchor Bolts Testing (Mechanical & Chemical)
  • Studded Bar Pull Testing
  • Anchor Point Testing
  • Trapeze Testing
  • Lift Shaft Steel Structure Testing
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Specialist Technical Services (U.K) Ltd
Unit 4 Poole Hall Business Park
Poole Hall Road
Ellesmere Port
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Tel:+44 (0) 1244794104
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