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Jay Contracts (Pull Tests) Ltd

Jay Contracts (Pull Tests) Ltd

Jay Contracts is a family owned business based in Nottingham, East Midlands. Using our extensive and time served experience within the interiors industry we have honed these skills to concentrate purely on fixings pull testing, primarily, but not exclusively, as a specialist service provider to the interiors industry.

We specialise in the proof testing of:

  • Suspended Ceilings anchors and fixings
  • Anchors for cross street Seasonal Decorations
  • Soffit Mounted Air Cassette Units, fixings and supports
  • Overhead Door Heaters
  • TV Monitor Supports
  • Cable Tray Supports
  • External Signage Support Fixings

Jay Contracts are now the sole specialist pull test contractor nominated on all Tesco Express stores.

Testing categories
Category Load Capacities - kN
General Purpose - Tensile 30kN
Anchors for Seasonal Decoration 30kN
Suspended Ceiling Fixings 20kN
Competent Testers
Tester Categories
Ray Bottomley GP, SCF
Mick Sandy GP, ASD, SCF
Darren Street GP, SCF
James Whitehead GP, SCF
James Bottomley GP, SCF
Raymond Disney GP, SCF

Legend: GP = General Purpose, ASD = Anchors for Seasonal Decorations, SCF = Suspended Ceiling Fixings

Areas Covered

We offer our specialist testing service throughout the UK.

Contact Details

Jay Contracts (Pull Tests) Ltd
The Old Vicarange Main Road
Deeding St Nicholas
Spalding Lincolnshire
PE11 3ET