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Pullout Testing UK Limited

Pullout Testing UK Limited

Pull Out Testing provides essential anchor testing services on a nationwide basis across the UK to all types of companies including construction firms, steel erection companies, Scaffold companies, Health & Safety companies and many more.

We can conduct all types of testing either on a large scale or a smaller intensive scale, and can meet most companies' requirements.

We can have any type of equipment made to suit individual companies' requirements and site conditions.

Pull Out Testing offers a wide range of tests including:

    Anchor Bolt Testing to BS 8539
  • Rebar anchor testing
  • Scaffold Anchor Testing to TG4:11
  • Safety Eyebolt Testing to BS 7883
  • Anchors for Seasonal Decorations in accordance with the CFA Guidance Note and ILP guide.

A sister company, MKS Fall Protection, installs and examines fall protection systems including horizontal lifelines and other fall protection solutions tailor made to your needs.

We always provide comprehensive, detailed reports to show that all tests carried out demonstrate that they meet the conformance of the client's requirements or specification and all reporting is done in accordance with the CFA guidelines.

Testing categories
Category Load Capacities - kN
General Purpose - Tensile 10kN, 25kN, 145kN, 200kN
Anchors for Seasonal Decorations 20kN
Anchors for Scaffold Ties 20kN
Post-installed Rebar 200kN, 300kN, 600kN
Safety Harness Eyebolts 12kN
Competent Testers
Tester Categories
Mick Kirk GP, ASD, AST, PIR, SHE
Jonathan Jenkins GP, ASD, SHE
Mick Barry GP, AST, PIR, SHE

Legend: GP = General Purpose; PIR = Post-installed Rebar, AST = Anchors for Scaffold Ties, SHE = Safety Harness Eyebolts for fall protection (BS 7883).

Areas Covered

Pull Out Testing offers its testing service throughout Great Britain.

Contact Details

Pullout Testing UK Limited
DA12 3HA

Tel:0333 2100137