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Swantest is a specialist testing and monitoring company providing detailed tests, inspection and verification of materials and installations across the construction and demolition industry.
Our experienced engineers have the ability to design test methods, implement on site and produce detailed reports across a wide range of projects, providing our clients with the certification and peace of mind they require. We are now accreditted for testing in shear - when necessary.

With a wide array of equipment we have the ability to carry out tests of small anchors carrying a few kilograms to large structural fixings carrying heavy loads. Digtal data capture allows load movement curves to be recorded for a more detailed picture of anchor performance - especially useful in shear tests. We can also provide bespoke testing for oversized fixings or unique circumstances. The strength and durability of these fixings is reliant on the base material, the installation process and the intended use so it is vital that they are tested after installation and regularly checked.

As part of a large temporary works consultancy we have a bespoke design team with over 50 years' experience in the construction and demolition industry. We pride ourselves on being able to provide a solution to all of our client's requirements.

Swantest offers a complete service to our clients including:

- Anchor testing - Slab loading tests
- Plate bearing tests - Visual weld inspection
- Scaffold inspection - Pre-loading steelwork
- Structural surveys - Controlled hydraulic movement
- Load capacity tests
- Anchor test
- Balcony and barrier testing
- Plate bearing and CBR tests
- Scaffold inspections
- 3D scan surveys
- Weld inspections
- Torque and preloading
- Hydraulic jacking
- Non-destructive testing

All of our tests are carried out in accordance with the relevant standards and industry guidelines. Should any fixings fail to meet test objectives we can provide impartial advice and offer remedial solutions.

Please visit our website for further information on how we can be of service to you.

Testing categories
Category Load Capacities - kN
General Purpose - Tensile 326
General Purpose - Shear 160
Anchors for Scaffold Ties 20
Post-installed Rebar 125
Competent Testers
Tester Categories
Conor McHugh GP: PT & AL, AST, PIR
Ian Burn GP: PT & AL
Andrei Pantile GP: PT & AL
Liam Dixon GP: PT & AL
Mihai Chelmus GP: PT & AL

Legend: GP = General Purpose, PT = Proof testing, AL = Allowable Loads, AST = Anchors for Scaffold Ties; PIR = Post installed rebar

Areas Covered

Our anchor testing service is available throughout the whole of the UK

Contact Details

Anchor Bay Wharf
Manor Way

Tel:0370 950 7707