8539 Toolkit

8539 Toolkit

BS 8539:2012 is arguably the most significant development in the organisation of Construction Fixings in the UK since the advent of ETAs (European Technical Approvals, now called Assessments) in 1997. It sets out the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in the use of fixings in safety related applications from the manufacturer and distributor through the specifier to the contractor, installer and tester. If correctly implemented the failure of construction fixings due to incorrect selection, unauthorised changes of specifications and poor installation will become a thing of the past as will accidents, injuries and deaths not to mention economic consequencies.

To help all stakeholders to understand and implement their responsibilities under the code the CFA has assembled a Toolkit of Guidance Notes, "How to" guides, Forms and more.

CPD Seminar

For groups of construction professionals the CFA offers a CPD Seminar on the subject of BS 8539. Seminars are delivered by technical staff from one of the CFA Full Members so we can usually meet your first preferred date, if not then the second.  To request a seminar simply download the request form below - it's a fillable pdf - and return to the email address on the form. We will try to arrange your seminar as quickly as possible.

How to . . . . guides 
Summarise the roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders as outlined in the code.

CFA 8539 Forms 
Developed by the CFA these forms help the assembly and dissemination of information between stakeholders at key stages in the life of a fixing so as to enable you to comply with the recommendations of the code.

Guidance Notes
ETAs and design methods for anchors used in construction 
The code effectively recommends that, where possible, anchors with ETA should always be used for safety critical fixings. This GN provides a comprehensive guide to the whole subject of ETAs.

Anchor Terminology and Notation
The terminology surrounding fixings, I mean anchors, has changed over the years and has been complicated by that used in European standards and in the system of European Technical Approvals, (now called European Technical Assessments - see what I mean?). This GN defines all the terms and notation used in BS 8539 with cross references to traditional terms including those used to describe anchor types.

Procedure for site testing construction fixings - 2012
A "normative reference" within BS 8539 - effectively making it part of the code itself. Guidance is given on all aspects of the Procedures for testing construction fixings while the test Regimes set out in the code are summarised to provide a single reference point.

ETAG selector charts
These two charts, one for concrete and one for masonry, help specifiers to choose the most appropriate ETAG to which anchors ETA should be qualified.

8539 Toolkit
How to SELECT anchors in accordance with BS 8539
How to SUPPLY anchors in accordance with BS 8539
How to INSTALL anchors in accordance with BS 8539
How to TEST anchors in accordance with BS 8539
CFA Form 8539/01 Design Information
CFA Form 8539/02a Anchor Specification
CFA Form 8539/02b Anchor Recommendation
CFA Form 8539/03 Installation Certificate
CFA Form 8539/04 Test Request
CFA Form 8539/05 Compliance checklist
CFA CPD Seminar request form
GN ETAs and Design Methods for anchors used in construction
GN Procedure for Site Testing Construction Fixings - 2012
GN Anchor Terminology and Notation
ETAG selector for Masonry
ETAG Selector for Concrete

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