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What our approved testers offer

The Construction Fixings Association Approved Tester Scheme is intended to provide specifiers, contractors and site engineers with a network of companies throughout the UK who are capable of testing the majority of construction fixings, and in some cases certain specialist anchor systems, to a high standard and with a knowledge of how fixings work. They are not necessarily expected to advise on fixing suitability as a result of tests or reasons for failure.

Members of this scheme are Associate Members of the CFA and will be equipped with the necessary equipment to test fixings in the category and to the loads indicated in the full listing below. Their staff will have attended a full day's training and proven themselves to be competent in basic anchor technology as well as testing procedures for the type of testing to which they are accreditted: Proof testing only or Proof testing and testing to determine allowable loads. They should use a CFA report format to record results.

You can check the accreditation of the tester who carries out a test for you from the listing on their page. Some carry CFA identity cards. 

For details of why and how anchors need to be tested on site look at some of the drop-down articles on the above menu or the CFA Guidance Note: Procedure for site testing construction Fixings - 2012. 

Approved TesterYou can choose a member from the full list below or find your nearest Approved Tester using the search function. However, most testing companies are prepared to travel and you may need to use someone from further afield if the test you need demands a particular expertise.

By clicking on the member's name you will be taken to their  page where full details of their capability is shown together with a list of all Competent Testers and the Testing Categories to which they are accredited. From their page you can send them an email or use the link to visit their own website.

While the CFA makes every effort to ensure that members of its Approved Tester scheme operate to the correct test procedures and report results accurately the association can accept no liability for any adverse consequences arising from any tests carried out by a member of the scheme.  

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Name Branch Max test capacity - kN GP SD ST RWT PIR SHE Other ITF
Tension Shear*
Abbot Fixing Systems Ltd Milton Keynes 120, 320kN 320kN
Access All Areas Essex 20kN
Ace Fixings Ballymena 25kN
Acorn Lighting Services Ltd Selby North Yorkshire 20kN
ADA Fastfix Ltd High Wycombe 25kN
ADI Supply Ltd West Midlands 145kN 100kN
A-Solutions UK Ltd Surrey 200kN
Base Geotechnical Ltd Barnsley 600kN
Bradgate In-situ Testing Limited Kettering, Northamptonshire 25kN
Broadlands Structural Fixing and Repair High Wycombe 200kN 50kN
Camera Inspection Services Ltd Co. Laois 125kN 125kN
Castle & Pryor Ltd Hampshire 145kN
Celtest Company Ltd Gwynedd 5, 25, 160, 200, 300kN
Chris Wood Ltd Kidderminster 1kN, 180kN, 300kN
Concept Sign and Display Ltd Birmingham
Construction Fixing Systems Ltd Marlow 25kN, 121kN
Construction Testing Solutions Ltd Doncaster 200kN
Delmark Lifting Equipment Ltd Dartford 125kN 125kN
Elite Fasteners Ltd Walsall 5kN, 25kN
Fire Protection Ltd Harlow, Essex 10kN, 25kN
Fixings North West Ltd Manchester 25kN
Fixings Plus Ltd Birmingham 0-25kN
Folkestone Fixings Ltd - FFX Kent 0-25kN, 10-200kN 25kN
High Level Electrics Ltd Pinner 20kN
Highline Access Ltd Bristol 0-600kN
Holemasters Demtech Ltd Bolton 320kN
Industrial Access Services Ltd London 145kN
James Fisher Testing Services Ltd Portlaoise, Co Laois 5kN , 25kN and 300kN 280kN
Jay Contracts (Pull Tests) Ltd Spalding Lincolnshire 30kN
KM Concrete Cutting Services LTD Hermitage, Newbury 145kN
London Fixing Testing Ltd Hitchin 170kN 25kN
Masonry Fixings Ltd Dublin 10 125kN
Network Civils and Access Solutions Ltd FALKIRK 25kN
Perry Testing Limited Rickmansworth 5 Kn, 10 Kn, 25 Kn, 200Kn 200 Kn
PTSG Access & Safety Castleford 25kN
Pullout Testing UK Limited GRAVESEND, Kent 1000kN 125kN
PWL Contracts Ltd Tonbridge 20kN
R J Fixings Ltd Edinburgh 0 - 15, 25, 145kN 125kN
R J Fixings Ltd Newcastle upon Tyne 0 - 15, 25, 145kN 125kN
R J Fixings Ltd Surrey 0 - 15, 25, 145kN 125kN
Rite Fix Ltd Solihull
Safer Access Solutions Ltd Birmingham 15, 25kN
Southern Drilling Ltd Higham 350 145
SparkX Ltd Wendover 25kN
Specialist Cutting Services Ltd Wokingham 10, 30, 200kN 100kN
Specialist Technical Services (U.K) Ltd Ellesmere Port 0-2000 kN 0-1000 kN
Steadfast (Anglia) Ltd Ipswich 20, 25kN
Swantest Erith 326kN
SWAT International Ltd Midlothian 25kN
TD Construction Testing Ltd St. Helens, Merseyside 0 - 10, 25, 145kN
Technical Fixings Solutions Wrotham 145kN
Tri-Fix Industrial Fasteners Ltd Lanarkshire 25kN
V J Technology Ashford 300kN 200kN
Vertica Ltd Llanbrynmair 25kN
Vertica Ltd London 25kN
W & I Craig (Civil Engineering) Ltd London 20

Anchor types listed in the above table.

General Purpose anchor testing:
General Purpose means Approved Testers can test anchors with Projecting Studs, Hex Bolt heads and Eye type anchors (not safety harness eyebolts).

Specialist anchor testing:
SD = Anchors for Seasonal Decorations; ST = Anchors for Scaffold Ties; RWT = Remedial Wall Ties; PIR = Post-installed Rebar;
SHE = Safety Harness Eyebolts (To BS7883:2005); Other - means they have another specialist service detailed on their web page.
ITF = The Approved Tester has the facility, depending on size and type, to install anchors intended to be tested to check suitability and determine allowable loads. The CFA has made no attempt to assess member companies' capabilities in this regard.

* Shear testing is rarely required see Testing categories

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