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Testing companies who are CFA Approved Testers will have satisfied the CFA that they have the necessary equipment and suitably qualified staff to carry out the tests along with the required internal procedures to report on tests correctly. They will have satisfied these requirements regarding the qualifications of staff in the following ways:


For General Purpose anchor testing the nominated staff will have attended a CFA training course dealing with both anchor technology and anchor testing procedures and will have satisfied the CFA examiner that they have acquired adequate knowledge of both subjects.



For some Specialist anchor testing such as Safety Harness Eyebolts (for which the requirements are laid down in British Standards) companies may have had specialist training in these specific subjects by independent training specialists and again the CFA will be satisfied that the necessary certificates of competence have been awarded.

Competent Testers 

Staff assessed to be competent are listed on the members page along with the testing categories for which they are accredited

Requirements common to all categories 

In all case member companies will be required to satisfy the CFA that they maintain the required equipment for the test capabilities they claim and that they have all gauges calibrated by a calibration service traceable to national standards at least once every twelve months. They will be required to submit for auditing on an annual basis all gauge calibration certificates plus a sample of their test reports