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Publications and Downloads

Publications and downloads

The Construction Fixings Association has developed an enviable reputation as an authoritative,  pro-active and independent industry body which works hard to foster a better understanding of every aspect of the use of constructions fixings.  This has been achieved via numerous routes - co-operating with national and international agencies in the development of standards and approvals regimes but in the UK mostly by the publication of a wide range of supporting material on virtually every aspect of fixings technology.




It has always been central the CFA ethos to make this information freely available and this section of the website is where you can download it all.

Guidance Notes

A structured treatise on a variety of key subjects. Several Guidance Notes specific to particular industries have been developed in co-operation with the relevant industry bodies. Some are referred to in BS 8539:2012.

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A less formal treatment of a similarly wide range of subjects. Some have been prepared specifically for this website. Those written originally for Fastener and Fixing magazine (and reproduced here with their kind permission) are aimed primarily at Distributors.

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"How to" guides

The publication of BS 8539 means all stakeholders need to become familar with this important new code of practice for the use of anchors. "How to" guides are designed to provide an introduction to each stakeholder's roles and responsibilities and to give a step by step giuide as to how to find your way through the BS.

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CFA 8539 Forms

In order to assist all stakeholders in the implementation of BS 8539 the CFA has published a series of forms designed to make this process easier by prompting the necessary information to be filled in on the forms. This will then facilitate the comminiation of the relevant in formation to other stakeholders as appropriate.

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Installation Videos

As an essential aid to providing the knowledge and experise to install anchors, these videos comprehensively cover the correct installation procedures for all types of anchor.

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Standard Method Statements

The performance of anchors depends on a number of criteria, including, very importantly, correct installation. These standard method statements are intended to augment the manufacturers Installation Instructions (usually including pictograms) found on, or included with, the product packaging. They include all types of post installed anchors

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Sample Specification Formats

BS 8539 requires that once an anchor has been selected according to the relevant selection and design criteria it is fully Specified i.e. it is fully documented in such a way that the contractor can purchase the correct anchor and the installer has the detail specific to the particular anchorage to install it correctly i.e. hole diameter and depth, installation torque specific setting tools etc.  A series of Sample Specification Formats , one for each generic type of anchor have been developed to assist Specifiers to fulfil this requirement.

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Insight - Quarterly newsletter

In order to communicate more effectively with the many stakeholders interested in fixings the CFA is publishing a series of quartely INSIGHTS to keep people up to date with new developments.

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