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From time to time articles from the Construction Fixings Association are published directly on this website or in the trade press - a series in Fastener & Fixing magazine is a good example - all may be accessed here and downloaded. If you have ideas for an article feel free to contact us.

Our authors.  Articles written for the CFA may come from specialists within member companies, their details will be outlined with each article. Others, including those for Fastener & Fixing magazine, are written by our General Manager.

Fastener & Fixing magazine  has become an authoritative source of articles and information on the use and distribution of construction fixings since the introduction of a series of articles on behalf of the Construction Fixings Association in January 2005.

COPYRIGHT. CFA and F & F articles are protected by copyright. Downloads are allowed for personal reference only. Reproduction or publication via any medium may be allowed with prior permission from the Construction Fixings Association or, where relevant, from Fastener & Fixing magazine depending on the context and with suitable acknowledgement.

The Following Articles for Download
CE marking under the CPR - which products need it?
CE marking and Declaration of Performance under the CPR
Construction Products Regulation - a comprehensive guide
Order Building
Anchor installation - adding value
Changing Fixing Specifications
Fixing Failures - Introduction
Site testing of anchors when to test and why
Fixing Failures - Case Study 1
Fixing Failures - Case study 2
Fixing Failures - Case Study 3
Corrosion (F&F)
Fixing Solutions for Plasterboard
Fixings that outlive fire
Fixings for Brickwork
Undercut anchors
Creep and construction fixings
Hand arm vibration syndrome
Tightening torques explained
Load relaxation and anchor testing
Resin anchor formulations
Resin anchor delivery systems

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