Guidance Notes

Guidance Notes

Since 1994 the Association has published a series of Guidance Notes on fixings related issues which may be downloaded free of charge from this website.

These aim to:

  • Improve the selection and installation of fixings
  • Promote the safe use of fixings
  • Raise awareness of developments in fixing design
  • Raise awareness of approvals available for the safer use of construction fixings

Several Guidance Notes are referred to in British Standards and are expected to be referred to in the forthcoming British Standard BS 8539:2012 Code of Practice for the selection and installation of post-installed anchors in concrete and masonry.

Several Guidance Notes have been developed with other industry bodies on a joint basis to provide guidance on subjects as diverse as Scaffolding, Steeplejacking and Suspended Ceilings.

Below is a list of the Guidance Notes published so far with a summary of their contents. From time to time we publish new Guidance Notes or revise existing ones. If you would like to be kept up to date with such developments please sign-up for our quarterly newsletter.  We will then contact you by email no more than four times a year with updates and other important developments.

If you have a subject you feel is worthy of a Guidance Note (or Article) please contact us.

COPYRIGHT: CFA Guidance Notes are protected by copyright. Downloads are allowed for personal reference only. Reproduction or publication via any medium may only be allowed with prior and written permission from the Construction Fixings Association depending on the context and with suitable acknowledgement.

The Following Guidance Notes for Download
GN Self-drilling and Self-Tapping Fasteners
GN Powder Actuated Fixing Systems
GN ETAs and Design Methods for anchors used in construction
GN Procedure for Site Testing Construction Fixings - 2012
GN Anchor Terminology and Notation
GN Anchor Selection
GN Anchor Installation
GN Resin Bonded Anchors
GN Heavy Duty Expansion Anchors
GN Throughbolt Expansion Anchors
GN Self-tapping (concrete) screw anchors
GN Shield Type Expansion Anchors
GN Deformation Controlled Expansion Anchors
GN Undercut Anchors
GN Fixings and Corrosion
GN Fixings and Fire
GN Fixings for Brickwork and Blockwork
GN Fixings for Plasterboard

The following ARCHIVED Guidance Notes are also available for Download
Please note these Guidance Notes are provided for historic reference and may be out of date and/or may not conform to current regulations.
GN Anchorage systems for scaffolding "NASC TG4:11"
GN Anchors for Steeplejacking
GN Anchorage Systems for Seasonal Decorations
GN Top fixings for suspended ceilings
GN "Fixings for the retention of masonry façades"

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