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Fastener & Fixings

Fastener + Fixing Magazine

Fastener + Fixing Magazine is published every two months and is distributed free of charge to 14,000 professionals in fastener and fixings manufacturing and distribution throughout Europe. The magazine has a dedicated Construction Fixings section, which has featured an extensive series of technical articles from the CFA, as well as industry news, profiles and company visits. To receive your copy or advertise visit



EOTA (European Organisation for Technical Assessments)

EOTA is responsible for publishing Europen Assessment Documents (EAD) to enable the award of European Technical Assessments. EADs may be downloaded from their website which also gives details of all ETAs awarded to date. The Construction Fixings Assdociation contributes to the work of EOTA via its representation on the CEO technical Working Group, of which it is Chairman.




Hydrajaws Ltd

Everything you need for site testing fixings. The 2000 Series Medium Duty Tension Tester will test virtually any fixing via a wide range of bridges and adaptors and is available with gauges from 5kN to 30kN. Special kits are offered for testing Safety Harness Eyebolts, Scaffold Anchors, Roofing Screws and Safety Lifelines.  The 2008 Series Heavy Duty tester is a compact, self contained unit aimed at proof testing larger anchors. It has a Digital read out, applies test loads up to 145kN, is mounted on an aluminium triangular bridge and weighs only 14kg. 
Hydraulic pumps and cylinders are available for higher loads.
Our calibration and repair services offer speedy turn around to keep your equipment in use.



BBA    issues Agrément Certificates for construction products on the basis of UK regulations and Europen Technical Assessments for construction products under the auspices of EOTA. 




British Standards Institution

The Construction Fixings Association is represented on several  BSI committees and has contributed to the development of many new British Standards some of which now quote CFA Guidance Notes, foremost among these is BS 8539:2012 Code of practice for the selection and installation of post-installed anchors in concrete and masonry. The CFA is a BSI Distributor and can supply British Standards related to construction fixings at a discount of 20%. 




CEO    (Comité European d'Outlilage - European Tools Committee)
The European grouping of trade associations of which the Construction Fixings Association is a member. 
UK industry views in EOTA are represented by the CEO delegation, one member of which comes from the Construction Fixings Association. The CFA currently chairs the CEO Technical Working Group. 




CIRIA    Construction Industry Research and Information Association. 

CIRIA is a UK-based research association concerned with improving the performance of all involved in construction and the environment.

The Construction Fixings Association has collaborated in various projects run by CIRIA over the years resulting in the following publications:

C524 - Cladding fixings - good practice guidance (2000)

This publication provides good practice guidance on fixings, ie the various brackets, anchors, bolts, fasteners and washers, etc that are used in combination to form a 'fixing assembly' and attach cladding to the structure of a building.

The Construction Fixings Association was represented on the steering group and made a significant contribution to the text of various sections.

C579 - Retention of masonry facades - best practice guide (2003)

This publication provides best practice guidance for the safe, economic and practical retention of existing façades. It is intended to be the standard reference for all who have an active involvement in such projects. The Construction Fixings Association has made a significant input to the sections on fixings for façade retention which is published as a CFA Guidance Note and downloadable from here.